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From 2008 to 2015 I published a number of VST plugins for Windows under the whiteLABEL brand - studio tools for musicians and producers. Whilst they were reasonably popular and regularly went out on coverdiscs (ComputerMusic, MusicTech and TechFocus Magazines) they were never any great commercial success. Between downloads and magazine placements there are probably in-excess of 300,000 units "in-the-wild" - many of them having found useful homes in studios around the world, ranging from hobbyist's bedrooms to commercial radio facilities, and every now-and-then I still get reports of them having been used on remixes for well-known artist x,y or z etc ... and that's not counting the Japanese and Russian warez-sites or the pirate dvd compilations ...

I'd like to offer my heartfelt thanks and best wishes to the hundreds of customers who paid me the modest amounts I charged for the full versions : it's been a delight to get to know some of you and your support, encouragement, testing and feedback over the years has been a real help to my development as a coder, and further as artist in the broader fields of "digital" and "visuals" ...

And now : in order to squeeze the last drops of usefulness from them as the studio-world completes the transition to full 64-bit workflows I've decided to re-release them as freeware / donationware - the full products available from this website, gratis.

I have no intention to create 64-bit versions of them, and I'm certainly not offering free-support : you gets what you get, your mileage may vary, and you might even enjoy the odd crash or glitch here and there. They are generally usable in 64-bit hosts through various wrapper technologies (I regularly use them in 32-bit Reaper on Win7x64) but please don't come running to me looking for solutions or expecting updates - they is what they is and from now-on they won't cost you a penny!

clickety-click on the links below ....
If you're after my SynthEdit modules, go to that page instead

///// PRODUCTS /////

TENQ : swanky 10 node EQ with slick openGL interface
I'm still toying with the tech behind this one -
it's basically entirely custom so there might be some visualisation toys along at some point ...
... or maybe not : who knows ? ... not I ;)

bolsteriser(revA) : naive character compressor : model A - Softknee RMS
bolsteriser(revB) : naive character compressor : model B - Hardknee Peak
bolsteriser(revC) : naive character compressor : model C - Hardknee Booster
bolsteriser(revD) : naive character compressor : model D - Softknee Booster (think 1176)
bolsteriser(revE) : naive character compressor : model E - with Sidechain
bolsteriser(revF) : naive character compressor : model F - with Balls
bolsterisers(mono) : naive character compressors : mono pack - A,B,C,D & F
A whole bunch of cod-retro compressors with different sounds,
lots of character and not a single analog model or component in sight ...
despite their ludicrous back-story featuring a man, a cat and some military intelligence operatives

autoBED : look-ahead ducker - useful for pro-sounding radio voice-overs where you duck the music in response to the voice

monoLOW : mix sanitiser - turns the bottom-end mono, useful in post

sideGATE : look-ahead gate - useful for all sorts of effects, includes sidechain

sideFIRE : side-channel distortion and stereo manipulation effect

simpleTON : dual filter and distortion

baddASS : bass drum fortifier - add some oomph to your kick, stick some badd up your ASS

stwETCH : playable granular timestretcher

falseFI : false stereo from a mono source

niceNwide : 90's style stereo image manipulation

simpleTONII : much updated dual filter and distortion : a bit of a scorcher

dSHIFT : feedback pitchshifter : from subtle to ... hospitalisable

SKWOSH : multimode compressor with a shit-tonne of features

stWIP : stereo channel strip
stWIP(XL) : surround channel strip


d3 : multiband compressor based on bolsteriser model D

comPANION : stereo compressor

disPRESSA : overdrive-based compressor

bucketEER : bucket-brigade-style delay-based reverb : literally minutes of fun.

deeeeeLAY : looooooooooong delay

granulOSO : granular synth

freqDELAY : multiband delay

unDUCK : like a ducker, but an unducker ... kinda like a naive transient shaper

voldeLAY : peculiar delay machine

///// OTHER STUFF /////

SoundSquares : surround mixer/placement tool for handling rigs upto 64 speakers
this one is probably my greatest acheivement but you'll need a really big rig to get the best from it -
the sort of thing you'd find in an art gallery, museum, or public installation

TEV : Twin Engined Verb - characterful reverb and delay unit
I was awarded 4th prize in the 2009 KVR developer challenge for this little beast ...
you'll only be able to use a single instance at a time though, due to the notorious 'SE multicore bug' of old ...

wavePLAY : 4 wave generators - play it from a control-surface, pseudo-theremin style

calcul8 : shitty calculator - no really, it was made in North Korea

studioCLOCK : a studio clock - what did you expect ? can't you read or something ?

so, ummmm, yep - that's the lot .... well at least for the moment -
I've still got a few additional unreleased toys kicking about but right now,
I really can't be bothered to dig through the many many *many* files in the archive -
hope you have fun with it all : come find me over at facebook.com/whiteLABELplugins

and please, if you're feeling the love - do a good thing and make a donation :

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