West From Egina

© 2015 Daz Disley

Duration : 20:00
Resolution : 1920 x 1080
Aspect : 16:9
Format : H264

"West From Egina" is an ambient (seascape) meditation on communicative powers (or lack of) in media arts in general.

We take it for granted that statements such as "wow, that's a powerful video" or "I felt like I was there" can be even valid responses to (in particular) video works.

Whilst I don't want to diminish any other artist's work, I do feel that any form of media representation related to feeling, physiological "affect" or emotional reaction
to the world is by its very nature : band-limited : and therefore (at best) a narrow narrow window onto the views and actual experience of the content creator, or story teller.

I'm very deliberately not telling you what happened that day, what the context for the shot is, what leads-up to the experience
or why I'm even there to make the shot in the first place.

The use of colour and cropping in this work is intended to illustrate the narrowness of experience available to the viewer of a work with respect to the "richness" of media (rich-media website, glorious full HD etc) we're accustomed to expect of a technologically-geared sales-pitch. The sound used is entirely synthetic having been generated algorithmically from software I wrote in about ten minutes, yet how many people will 'believe' it to be "real" ? The colour through the small moving slice of the shot which is not black 'n' white is deliberately exaggerated to represent a false view of that view of "the perfect sunset", the framing of the (manipulated contrast) black 'n' white portion has been deliberately restricted to a more "cinematic" 21x9 aspect ratio, and a short-scale temporal blur has been applied in order to manipulate the all-important (data) band-limited effects of video compression.

But you are free to ignore all of the above information and just form your own opinions based on the deliberately limited amount of information on offer from the video ...

How did it come to be ?
Why will I never forget that day ?
Why am I even there to take the shot ?

You'll never know ...

© 2015 Daz Disley