Not Always.
But Sometimes.
Without Warning.

Improvised performance for camera with Mariella Celia, Rome 2016

Whilst not explicitly about mental health per se ... "Sometimes" explores those days :

when nothing seems to work -
when it's best just to go back to bed -
when the expectation to conform to
the patterns of others' views of your self
and your view of the self you want to inhabit ...
simply refuse to cooperate ...

those days when ... just

fuck-it : I can't do this anymore.

Cameras : Daz Disley & Fenia Kotsopoulou

Music : "Forma VI" from the album "Horo" by T.R.E on

Piano : Alessandro Giachero | Double Bass : Stefano Risso | Drums : Marco Zanoli | with guest Pianist : Stefano Battaglio

© 2016 Daz Disley

Duration : 5.30
Resolution : 1920 x 1080
Aspect : 16:9
Format : H264

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© 2016 Daz Disley