There's no limit to your "love"
The Euro Witch Pop Bitch scratches an Itch.

© 2016 Daz Disley & Fenia Kotsopoulou

Duration : 4.00
Resolution : 1920 x 1080
Aspect : 16:9
Format : H264

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This video work is on the one hand a very literal reading of "digital pop" and uses the metaphor of an erect middle finger (digit) bursting (popping) balloons as a comment on Europe and its many power imbalances. On the other hand, the work uses the visual language of pop culture in its production being lit, shot, edited and performed as if a mainstream pop music video contrasting high production value (exclusivity) with an accessible trash aesthetic as a synonym for the populous versus the machine, the masses versus the mechanisms of "Big Europe". In a post NSA world, this work contains many digital (binary) contradictions, hinting at an "In or Out", a "Yes or No", a "Sorrow or Joy" and without offering an answer, seeks to reveal the human at the centre of our cross-boundary collision of identities.

The Euro Witch Pop Bitch had a great party, but scratches an itch.

She can't quite remember what happened but by the morning : the damage was done.

She remembers very clearly having said no, but woke to found she had been made to accept yes.

Wearing pearls of finery, symbolic tears of happiness and sorrow, her thoughtful insights speak thoughtless rubbish ...

What she does know is that her middle finger is erect, carries power, and is ready to strike at the heart of our collective identity.

What she's still unsure of ... is at whom it should be pointed.

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© 2016 Daz Disley & Fenia Kotsopoulou