Chloris didn't stand a chance
The pale one lost her colour - what a fucking surprise

© 2016 Daz Disley in response to Απολλον Σ. Ληλιος

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Chloris (Meliboea, one of the Niobids) really didn't stand a chance, poor thing.

Those "Gods" were bastards and my god : Apollon was a cunt.

The pale one (as she since became known) was scared out of her skin by the slaughter of her family thanks to the cock-sucking, mother-fucking, son of a bitch Apollon and his evil twin sister, the supposed "protector" of young girls. Bitch and Bastard, blood-thirsty the both. Much sacrifice and heartache has been wasted on these gods : just as today our "gods" of government and of fashion take us for fools, rape us of our sanity, and leave us spent - unable to fight back, barely able to comprehend.

Nous sommes Chloris - not 'Charlie' - bleached and indifferent, drained by our vampire rulers, those gods and those "gods"
who through time, for millenia : each time - every time - fail to live up to hope let-alone expectation.

Cunts the lot of you - cunts to the lot of you - you vengeful, murderous, vain & vomitous : imbeciles.

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