A SlitScan study of flowers.

© 2015 Daz Disley

Duration : 9:15
Resolution : 1920 x 1080
Aspect : 16:9
Format : H.264
Sound : Stereo
Original Music : JazzySpoon (remixed)

720p vimeo preview below, full 1080p file download available on request.

"Bloom" is a continuation of my investigation into virtual SlitScan video techniques and represents an invitation to appreciate the beauty of the natural world
through a different temporal lens whilst illustrating one of nature's fundamental trigonometric relationships : that of circle and sin wave.

By shooting a selection of garden and commercial flowers slowly rotating on a hacked record turntable and processing the footage with custom
scanline recomposition software, I arrive at an output part-way between the artifice of computer graphics and the honesty of the original organic forms.

As with my other work, a primary motivator is to discover a new temporal perspective and to question the validity of linear 'reality' -
some of the shots I present here swap a spatial dimension for time, whilst others arguably exist in a time/space-space/time positioned inbetween dimensions.

In addition to the main video output of the project :
a selection of limited edition prints derived from this work are available at
and a second video revealing (some) of my process can be found here.

to download the installation pack (book, example prints, screenshots and technical specification for installation) please click this link (7.6mb .zip download)

Click the screen-grabs for full resolution versions :
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© 2015 Daz Disley

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