Becoming Baphomet [The Dawning Era]

© 2017 Daz Disley & Fenia Kotsopoulou

Duration : 6:00
Resolution : 1920 x 1080
Aspect : 16:9
Format : H264
Sound : Stereo

Original Music : Speira & KK
With additional double bass by Stefano Risso

You've been taught to be afraid of the devil, right ? ...
but what if I told you : the devil is YOU ?
Then what ?

Historians tell us that discussions about the future are incomplete without reference to the past - not just in actions, but in semiotics too.

In the mid-past we have been told to be scared of the Pentagram and its association with the horned and bearded Chimera representing Evil -
Satan, Beelzebub : the Demon incarnate.

However, in the more distant-past, the Pentagram was an altogether different symbol : one of fertility, vitality, nourishment and life.

In the recent-past we have been herded by Them (states churches banks & institutions), to the position we now occupy -
the future of the recent-past - crisis : of austerity, of identity, of agency.
the near-future fills-up with ...


So - in the post-future, beyond the ever-degrading now and near-future, it is beholden on Us to become what we've been conditioned to fear :
what They fear, and ultimately what gives us the tools to manifest the futures-present we desire.

Becoming Baphomet [The Dawning Age] is not some invocation to manifest the devil, for it is not formed of the rhetoric of the mid-past or present.
It is instead an invitation to unleash the fertile and enriched, powerful and self-actualised identities that have been buried inside us all along.

There's a change on the horizon - and it starts with YOU, because that is what THEY are afraid of :

that, which THEY fear : will make US stronger
that which : they FEAR WILL make us STRONGER
that WITCH they FEAR, is BAPHOMET -

She is Me, She is You; She is who we should have been all along,
with her savage beauty and brutal wisdom.

Pick up your horns, step through the frame - and deal with it - it won't always be easy, but we'll do it together.

720p vimeo preview below, full 1080p file download available on request.

In addition to the video work, Becoming Baphomet is also expressed as a series of thirteen 10x8" darkroom prints, of which here's a small selection -
please contact either myself, or Fenia for more details (click to enlarge) :

© 2017 Daz Disley & Fenia Kotsopoulou