UK based Digital Artist

Working across a range of modalities, daz was a musician and sound engineer before becoming a surround-sound & sound-art facilitator and systems consultant. Software tools he has developed have featured in both ComputerMusic and MusicTech magazines (for which he's also been a contributing author), and he was instrumental in developing the SoundSpiral 52-channel inflatable Surround-Sound and Arts venue for the London2012 Cultural Olympiad.

As a visualist and performer he combines his musical aptitude with live-patching and video manipulation, and as an artist works regularly with photo and video, for which he often creates bespoke code and tooling. Currently resident artist with Slumgothic (x-church, Gainsborough) daz has taught as a visiting artist (live-art, visuals, technology) and presented to a variety of conferences in the sound-art & experimental music fields.

Recent solo shows include "Bloom & Blooms" and "Scanner-Camera-Shenaneganeramera" and daz's work has been included in a wide variety of group-shows and curations at international festivals in the fields of dance, video-art & technology.





  • SOUNDSPIRAL 2009 to 2015 :
    • Design collaborator, and responsible for the initial build (hardware & software), 2012 Cultural Olympiad project to create a 52 channel portable (inflatable) SoundArts venue. Subsequently director of SoundSpiral (2013 to 15) delivering new works from :
      • Amie Slavin, Duncan Chapman, John Stafford, Rebecca Lee, Stuart Russell, Chrissie Caulfield, Dan Doughty, (and even my own work)
      along with performances & presentations, workshops & experiments from :
      • Morrad & McArthur, Antonio de la Fe, Jeff Cloke, Simon le Boggit, Biljana Bosnjakovic, Bartram & O'Neil, Kayla Bowtell, Sophie Cero, Sally Lemsford, Dan Hickin (LoopCycle), The Collaborators, MolaMola Records, Paul Terrell, TapeNoise, Peter K Rollings, Belle Blue, Keith Duke, Jez Creek (and more)
      in a variety of settings, including :
      • Buxton Festival, SoundLINCS' FAB 2013, Lindhu Festival 2014, Transported Phase I Consultation, LOV Music Festival, Sonophilia Festival GNARL Fest, Lincoln School of Film & Media, Lincolnshire Music Services Conference, SlumGothic @ x-church, Gainsborough
      During this time we've also hosted hundreds of kids in workshop-settings and showcased student dissertation/finals work - for more info and loads of photos, check-out SoundSpiral's facebook page ...

  • WHITELABEL VST PLUGINS (Audio software) 2008 to present :
    • Independent designer and software publisher (graphic, dsp-algorithms, code). My own products have repeatedly featured in both MusicTech and ComputerMusic Magazines, and my code and design contributions have found their way into studios all over the world in products from developers including H.G.Fortune, de la Mancha, Prodyon Virtual, Home Studio Mastering Suite, Novaflash ... and more ...

  • SOUNDWALL (The Collection Museum, Lincoln) 2004 to 2015 :
    • I was a consultant to the original design, build and commissioning process in 2004/5, followed by 10 years as 'unofficial house-engineer' and have enabled new works from :
      • Jo Thomas, Paul Tyler, Edwin Burdis, Peter Kirn, Simo Alitalo, Rosie Ward, Amie Slavin, Stewart Collinson, Andrea Szigetvari, Marcus Coates, David McSherry, The WreckingTwo, Adinda van't Klooster.
      2015 Saw a systems refresh including the integration of a re-engineered playback stack based on software I created for SoundSpiral - for more information on the initial configuration, usage and pieces, see my unofficial guide to the SoundWall ...

    • From 'straight' studio engineering and production, through systems-and-interactive-design to mix supervision, physical installation, and hardware commissioning : I've been involved in a variety of roles both indoors and out, local and international .... in no particular order some of my more recent work has been at / for / with :
      • CTM Festival, Berlin; BlueCoat, Liverpool; MIMA; ResonanceFM, London; Liverpool Biennial; Beldham Brunel; SirenFM, Lincoln; Tulip Radio, Spalding; SightSonic, York; Lakeside, Nottingham; Shape, London; SoundFjord, Sweden; Motiroti, London; Royal Armouries, Leeds & Portsmouth; So Festival, Skegness; Jealous, London; Frequency Festival, Lincoln; Sonophilia & GNARLFest, Lincoln (Web & Technical Director for both); National Trust, Biddulph; ColdCut; Graham Dunning; Transported, Spalding; English Heritage, Lincoln; Cuntemporary, Bethnal Green Working Men's Club, London; The Professors, Sheffield ... and more ...

    • (G) I R L, Gibbon Records, iDMF, Pegasia, Open Sound Group, OMAD music, MagicBlanket, Cantoris Records
    • (as a musician, I've played Clarinet (Bass, Bb, A and Eb), Saxophone (Tenor & Alto) , Flute, Piano / Keys, Guitar, Percussion ... and more - in a variety of settings including local Panto MD, Studio Session player & engineer, musical theatre pit-band member, jazz, pop, rock and other - from muddy festival fields to the Royal Albert Hall ... I've also taught instrumentally both privately and in secondary schools)



  • SOZO Visions in motion, Kassel (.de) : "Encapsulating Practice"
    • Week-long intensive working with SOZO's Postgraduate Research Studios :
      creative documentation, portfolio building, and creating a connected research practice, March 2018

  • The Professors : Performance for Camera & Alternative video techniques
    • Infinite-space instant-composition and experimental interactive slitscan video workshops, Autumn 2017

  • Lincoln UTC : Level 3 Computer Games Design
    • Everything you think you know about colour ... is wrong, September 2016

  • Lincoln School of Fine & Performing Arts :
    • BA Music
      • Group Show : Music as SoundArt, SoundArt as Music, Composer = Artist, February 2018
      BA Dance
      • ScreenDance : Sound for Video, March 2017
      MA/MFA Choreographing Live Art
      • Advanced Somatic Practice : Technology & BioArt, February 2014 & April 2015

  • Access To Music : Creative Media (Lincoln)


  • Digital ? POP ! : Athens Digital Arts Festival, Athens, 2016 (joint presentation)
  • SoundSpiral & Ada : New Adventures in Sound Art, TransX Symposium, Toronto, 2014 (joint presentation)
  • Music Improvisation tactics - loops and repetition : Lincolnshire Music Service June 2014 (joint presentation)
  • Audio Compression, a false history of : Sonophilia Festival 2014
  • SoundSpiral - how it's made : Grimsby Institute of Further and Higher Education, 2013 (joint presentation)
  • SoundSpiral - mixing to large arrays : IFIMPaC, Leeds College of Music, 2012
  • SoundWall - outline introduction : (Sonic Arts Forum) Huddersfield University, 2010
  • Sound Art - from Idea to Audience : Lincoln School of Media, & East Coast Institute of Art & Design, 2009.

My own creative work as opposed to others I've facilitated -
some of it performance, some of it video ... some visual art or cross-disciplinary
... including group show presences outside the context of videoart 'screenings'

  • 'Don't Confuse Love and Sex'
    • Installation as part of Artery Prague's, 2018 Valentine's show : Heart for Heart's Sake
      (an animated 'love-heart' composited from multiple layers of slitscanned amateur pr0n0graphy)

  • 'Half-Formed'
    • Video created for and screened at GeneralPractice's 'YellowBelly2018' group show
      20-21 Gallery, Scunthorpe

  • 'Bloom & Blooms'
  • 'Big Bloom'
    • 7.3 metre print element of Bloom & Blooms, displayed as part of "A Small Group Show"
      Slumgothic Artist Resident Curators @ x-church, 18th November to 2nd December 2017

  • 'Stations of (un)becoming : Responding to (b)order'
  • '2 Fools a Piano and a Typewriter' : Improvised duet for typewriter and piano
    • part of Festival x-24, 2017 - with Nathan Dean

  • 'Friends'
    • Installed on X-FENCE as part of Festival x-24, 2017

  • 'Inner Space Revisited' (in installation form)
    • MOTUS : A night of dance performances, Stour Space, London, June 2016

  • 'Here but not here at all at the same time' (in installation form)
    • InShadow Festival of Dance and Technology, Lisbon Portugal, November 2015
    • Playground AV - New Media Art Festival, Vienna Austria, May 2016

  • 'INTO ME_AT' : Video Backdrops
    • TanzposiT, Essen 2016

  • 'Songs of the River' : Interactive Audio / Video
    • Sense Arts, Ayscoughfee Hall Spalding, 2015

  • 'All Day' : Stereo Audio
    • BORE Festival, Lincoln School of Fine & Performing Arts, 2015

  • 'Bounce' : Outdoor 52 Channel Audio, Improvised Performance using piano, voice, found-sounds and loops
    • SoundSpiral performance research showcase, GNARLfest, 2014

  • 'Burnt Water' : Outdoor 6 Channel Audio
    • TangledFeet / Transported, Ayscoughfee Hall Spalding, 2014

  • 'Mercurial Memoria' : Interactive 16 Channel Audio
    • Interconnectivity & Live Art Festival, Lincoln School of Performing Arts, 2014

  • '2BAB' : To Be A Bee (2009-13)
    • DragonFly Festival, Sweden 2009 (QUAD)
    • Lincoln Digital Arts @ The Collection (7.1)
    • SoundSpiral (48.4)

  • 'Faster then Sound'
    • DSP source-code print/installation part of Lincoln Digital Arts @ The Collection




  • Member of Converse Theatre's improvised playback theatre group/project "Playback Lincoln"


  • 2017 : Festival Permanento do Minuto : Habitat Free Theme
    • 'Waiting on the Doorbell' by Fenia Kotsopoulou (of which I'm credited as co-creator, having designed the fx process) won the Best Video award in the Habitat section of the November 2017 edition of Brazilian Festival Permanento do Minuto.

  • 2017 : Joint Adventures Cinema Prize and 2nd Prize : 9th Internation Choreographic Captures Competition
    • in the context of TanzFestivalWinterthur 2017

      'Carriage Return' - the typewriter command for starting a new line that has almost been forgotten in this age of touchpads, SMS and e-books - is given a new breath of life in the eponymous film by Fenia Kotsopoulou and Daz Disley. A hand dances along the edge of a round table to scratchy music from a gramophone. The camera follows the circular movements from the opposite side. In the interplay with the sunny room full of objects, where each tells its own story, a reduced and poetic dance between the camera, hand and objects unfolds. In 'Carriage Return', Kotsopoulous and Disley meld props, sounds and an atmosphere from a past age to form a small choreography in which time seems to stop for a minute.

      This choreographic bridge between old and new, memory and the here-and-now is being awarded the 2nd prize and a cinema prize by the jury.

  • 2015 : Without Words International Film Festival, Marseilles : 3rd prize
    • Among 264 videos received under the theme "Time Distortions", 20 were shortlisted, 3 were awarded and your video art masterpiece 'IN-ner Space revisited' won the 3rd prize, by international jury selection.

  • 2015 : Virtual Gallery Videoart Open Call : Special Mention
    • Due to the quality of the presented proposals, our curators have decided to give 3 special mentions with the same prize to the following participants: Daz Disley, Fenia Kotsopoulou and Jep Brengaret

  • 2015 : 60SecondsDance Competition : Top 30 shortlisted
    • On behalf of ScreenMoves and the Danish jury congratulations on your outstanding film - UNREVISITATION. Out of 272 films your film made it to the Top 30 - a strong and diverse compilation of films.

  • 2009 : KVR Developer Challenge : 4th place
    • Of more than forty entrants to the competition this year, your innovative reverb plugin 'Twin Engined Verb' won 4th place by public vote, just a couple of points behind the 3rd-place entry from de la Mancha !